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    Due to the development of fats and glandular tissue, the male breast becomes enlarged. The condition we called Gynecomastia.

    No matter if you are men or women you can anytime face the problem of enlargement.

    Since we here are talking about the men condition and how it can be treated to give a proper shape and body.

    The primary causes of Gynecomastia are

    • Hormonal changes
    • Use of excessive amount of illegal drugs
    • Being overweight

    Characterised by the development of skin that is excessive can make you look bad or unshaped.

    Remember with this condition you can feel shy and not being able to wear your favourite clothes. In that case, consulting experts will cost you nothing.

    Dr Ashish Khare here holds 16 years of experience and treating men from ages. He knows what exactly the problem is and how can it be best treated.

    If you are living in Noida/Gurgoan then it is the best chance to make an appointment and know-how can you secure your chest to be in shape.

    Get Your Musculine Body With Kalosa Gynecomastia Consultants

    Kalosa Gynecomastia Consultants is being for years and we know how Gynecomastia can be treated.

    We will be able to serve you no matter where you are, through our consultation you will get to know what is the actual cause behind the condition and ways to treat it.

    Utilising the equipment and at an affordable cost, we will help you to get cured with various Gynecomastia procedures.

    Some may think the problem can only hit women but it is not so. Men can even undergo the same problem.

    With different surgery methods, Gynecomastia can be treated.


    Where there is a small incision made with the help of a plastic surgeon. here the excessive fat is removed and you can get the fat removed.

    Tissue Excision

    Many men can develop stretched skin and ragging around the breast area. this method helps to reduce the swelling around the chest.

    With all the methods, you can book your appointment with Dr. Ashish Khare and get the finest service of all.