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What is Gynecomastia?

Gynecomastia, also known as “man boobs,” is a condition where a man’s breast tissue enlarges beyond what’s considered normal. This enlargement can extend beyond the nipple and cause significant distress .  

It often occurs due to hormonal imbalances, either a decrease in testosterone  or an increase in estrogen . These imbalances can arise during puberty, with aging, or as a side effect of certain medications like steroids .  Teenagers and older men are more commonly affected by gynecomastia.

What Are the Grades of Gynecomastia

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Grade 1

Grade 2

Grade 3

Grade 4

What is Gynecomastia Treatment ?

Surgery is a viable option for men in Ghaziabad seeking to reduce breast size and address the physical and emotional impact of gynecomastia.  Gynecomastia treatment in Ghaziabad offers effective solutions for men with enlarged breasts. This surgical procedure aims to improve the appearance of the chest and restore confidence. 

Liposuction: A Popular Choice Globally 

According to ISAPS Global Statistics 2020, liposuction is one of the most commonly performed cosmetic surgeries worldwide. (Positive Sentiment) This minimally invasive procedure effectively removes excess fat tissue, making it a suitable option for many men with gynecomastia.

Gynecomastia Surgery Statistics 

The statistics are staggering:

  • Globally, over 210,000 gynecomastia surgeries were performed in 2020.
  • In India alone, over 22,000 surgeries for male breast reduction (man boobs surgery) were conducted.

The Gynecomastia Treatment Process​

Gynecomastia Diagnosis

The gynecomastia surgeon will start by doing a thorough examination to determine the severity of your problem. This means figuring out how serious it is and what grade it is in. They will question you about your current drugs and medical history. This helps them decide what kind of medication is most effective and whether any other medical disorders could be causing the gynecomastia.

Gynecomastia Procedure


The doctor will advise the optimal course of treatment for gynecomastia after reviewing the results of diagnostic tests. In milder cases, medication may be recommended as a course of treatment.

 It’s also important to keep in mind that non-surgical treatments may not be effective for the condition as it reaches more severe stages. In certain cases, additional treatments, such as surgery, can be necessary to produce a noticeable improvement.

Causes of Gynecomastia​

Pubertal Gynecomastia – During puberty, some guys develop bigger breasts because of a hormone imbalance. This occurs when there’s too much of the female hormone (estrogen) compared to the male hormone (androgen). Usually, it is only a part of growing up and there is no particular reason for it. There are some cases when this breast growth continues into adulthood even when hormone levels are normal, possibly because the body reacts differently to these hormones.

Obesity – Being overweight is a big reason why some guys suffer from gynecomastia. In people who are obese, a certain enzyme in the body, called ‘aromatase’, works harder. This enzyme transfers male hormones into female hormones through a process called ‘aromatization’. And these female hormones are the reason that makes male breasts grows.

Steroids – Some people who want to get a quick muscular body might use steroids. These are like shortcuts to getting a super fit body, but they can jumble up with our natural male hormones (called androgens). When this happens, there occurs an imbalance between male and female hormones. With more female hormones (estrogen) around, guys can end up with bigger breasts.


Using some medications for a long time, like antacids or drugs for epilepsy, can sometimes lead to gynecomastia. Other causes might include problems like underactive thyroid, issues with the testicles, or tumours in the testicles. Although it’s rare, gynecomastia can also be a sign of cancer, especially if it’s only in one breast and the lump feels hard.

Grades of Gynecomastia ​

Knowing the grade of your gynecomastia helps doctors strategize the most effective methods to achieve optimal results while prioritizing patient safety and satisfaction .  Let’s explore the different grades:
Here’s a breakdown of the most common gynecomastia grades:

  • Grade 1: This mildest form presents with puffy nipples .
  • Grade 2: Puffy nipples (Entity: Body Part) are accompanied by excess fat tissue .
  • Grade 3: This grade involves puffy nipples, excess fat, and enlarged skin .
  • Grade 4: The most severe grade presents with breasts that resemble female breasts. Exercise and diet are unlikely to provide significant improvement for this grade

Real Patient Story: Gynecomastia Treatment

Gynecomastia Recovery


Men with swollen chests might benefit greatly from gynecomastia surgery in Delhi, also known as male chest reduction, which has long-lasting effects. But it’s important to realize that the recuperation stage contributes significantly to the whole experience. 

Who can qualify for Gynecomastia Surgery?

According to Dr Ashish Khare, an eligible person for gynecomastia surgery is one who has the following characteristics:


  • People, who don’t like the extra fat or gland deposits in their chest, make them appear more like a woman.

  • If you got medical help but didn’t get the results you hoped for, it is a signal that something still needs to be fixed. And for guys, feeling uncomfortable about having bigger nipples is another reason to take action.

  • When there’s more breast tissue on one side of a guy’s chest than the other.

  • People who are willing to feel more confident and sure of them.

Why Kalosa Clinic in Ghaziabad?


What Kalosa Offer

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Highly Experienced

Dr. Ashish Khare is a board-certified plastic surgeon with extensive experience in treating gynecomastia. He has performed over 3,000 gynecomastia surgeries in Ghaziabad, India, making him a highly sought-after specialist in this field.

Advanced Technology

Kalosa Clinic prioritizes patient comfort and satisfaction. The clinic utilizes state-of-the-art technology to minimize scarring and ensure a smoother recovery process. They also provide comprehensive post-operative care to ensure optimal healing and long-lasting results.

Treatment Options

Dr. Khare is skilled in performing gynecomastia surgery using both local and general anesthesia, catering to individual patient preferences and needs. He is also an expert in laser liposuction, a technique that can further refine the chest contour and achieve your desired results.

Proven Expertise

Dr. Khare's extensive experience is a testament to his proficiency. He has successfully treated over 3,000 gynecomastia patients using VASER liposuction, a specialized technique that removes fat gently and precisely. This advanced technology ensures a smoother recovery and a more natural-looking chest contour.

Gynecomastia in Ghaziabad: FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

Find out Answers About Gynecomastia

Safety of Gynecomastia Surgery

  • Q: Is gynecomastia surgery safe?
    • A: Yes, gynecomastia surgery in Ghaziabad has a high safety record with minimal complications. You might experience temporary discomfort during recovery, but medication can manage these side effects. Consulting a qualified surgeon is recommended to address any concerns.

Understanding Pseudogynecomastia

  • Q: What is pseudogynecomastia?
    • A: Pseudogynecomastia is excess fat buildup behind, around, and under the nipples, causing a chest resembling breasts. It might resolve on its own, but surgery may be needed for permanent removal.

Effective Treatments for Gynecomastia

  • Q: What is the most effective treatment for gynecomastia?
    • A: Doctors in Ghaziabad recommend gynecomastia surgery using liposuction for fast and effective results. Liposuction offers immediate and reliable improvement compared to other treatments that may take longer with less certainty. Kalosa Clinic in Ghaziabad can provide more information.

Surgery for Breast Reduction

  • Q: What is the best way to reduce enlarged breasts in men?
    • A: Gynecomastia surgery, also known as male breast reduction surgery, is the most effective method. This procedure often combines liposuction and gland removal for optimal results.

Recognizing Signs of Gynecomastia

  • Q: How can I tell if I have gynecomastia?
    • A: A firm lump near or around the areola or nipple is a telltale sign. This lump will have a distinct feel and may be tender. Early detection is important, so consult a doctor if you experience these symptoms.

Minimizing Scars After Surgery

  • Q: Will I have noticeable scars after surgery?
    • A: Scarring is usually minimal and fades within 3-6 months. Incisions are placed near the areola, making them less noticeable over time.

Long-Term Results and Recurrence

  • Q: Can gynecomastia come back after surgery?
    • A: Recurrence is rare because the glandular tissue is removed, preventing regrowth. However, chest fat accumulation can lead to a return of the “man boobs” appearance. Maintaining a healthy weight can help minimize this risk.

Medication Options for Gynecomastia

  • Q: Are there medications available to treat gynecomastia?
    • A: Currently, there are no FDA-approved medications specifically for gynecomastia. However, your doctor might suggest hormonal medications, such as those used in testosterone replacement therapy, to address underlying hormonal imbalances.


Jaspreet Kaur
Jaspreet Kaur
Dr. Ashish Khare is undoubtedly the best cosmetic and plastic surgeon in Gurgaon. I had a head injury with a skull deep cut on my forehead. I was scared that the sutures will leave a lifelong scar. Dr. Khare did the procedure so patiently and kept motivating me positively that there will be a very light scar and I need not worry about it. Its been a while since I got the sutures and the scar is hardly visible. His staff was also very warm and supportive and his clinic is clean and well equipped with all latest amenities. He is definitely your go to person for any plastic or cosmetic surgery. Thankyou once again Dr Khare.
Vijay Arya
Vijay Arya
I was suffering from excess skin over my upper eyelids since a long and I was looking for a option for that. I met Dr. Ashish Khare, he made me comfortable and we planned my blepharoplasty procedure also called as double eyelid surgery, today doctor cut my sutures and im very happy with the results. Thanks Dr Ashish Khare and team Kalosa .
I was suffering from gynaecomastia from a long time. I was searching a lot about whom to consult this. After searching a lot, I came to know about doctor Ashish. In our first meeting, he made me comfortable and told everything about the procedure and cleared all the confusion that I had in my mind. Even after our meeting, I called him so many times and each time he picked up my call and answered all my queries. I finally decided to undergo this surgery. Now, its been a month after the surgery, I am very happy with the results and feel quite confident about my body. Thanks to doctor Ashish and his staff.
Soniya Sharma
Soniya Sharma
I was suffering from small breast since a long time . I wanted a solution for that as I feel very low in self esteem and confidence , I came to know about Dr Ashish Khare at Kalosa Cosmetics . The doctor told me about implant and I underwent breast implant surgery by Dr Ashish . I did not tell anyone about the procedure , the doctor and team took proper care of me during and after the procedure . It was a day care surgery and really painless . My dressing was removed after 48 hrs and I can see the difference . I was really very happy with the results and I truly recommend Dr Ashish Khare and kalosa cosmetics for breast implant surgeries as well as breast reduction surgery . In my opinion Dr Ashish Khare is best plastic surgeon in this field . Really appreciate the doctor .
Kajal Jyani
Kajal Jyani
Was looking for the best breast surgeon in Gurgaon for Breast Implant. Finally, a friend told me about Dr. Khare. I visited him. He told me everything about Breast Implant and before 15 days ago my Breast Implant surgery has been done by him. Thanks Dr. Khare for your service.
Heena Kharod
Heena Kharod
“I do not like my nose and i want a nose job done.” Our adult but also a teenager son sprang a surprise on us. We tried our best to convince him that his nose was close to perfect and he didn’t need any surgery. Besides, the after effects of any surgery would be long lasting and sometimes permanent. But he was insistent since he had done a lot of online research on this topic. He felt that he had lost his confidence as he hated his nose and surgery was the only option to regain his lost confidence.We approached Dr.Khare with this issue and shared our son’s pics with him. After seeing his pics, he acted very maturely and understood that the issue with our son was a psychological one – effect of hardly any face to face interactions with people due to 2.5 years of Corona. He acted more like a psychologist and explained to our son in detail about different types of noses, who went for a surgery and why, clearly highlighting the long term effects of a surgery. He also gave personal tips on how to boost confidence by making new friends, developing new hobbies etc.Many times plastic surgeons have to be psychologists, as certain unnoticeable issues with a person’s face that he/she personally dislike are an offshoot of their mind which doesn’t require any surgery or correction. Many plastic surgeons don’t even bother to talk out a young teenager/adult from surgery as it is a part of their business. But definitely not Dr. Khare.After one meeting with him, our son was convinced that he did not need a surgery. Had he been a totally money minded surgeon, he would have convinced our son otherwise.Can’t comment on Dr. Khare's surgical competences ( am sure he would be good at that too ) as have not experienced it, but highly recommend him for his understanding levels and maturity.
Suhail Mustafa
Suhail Mustafa
Dr. Ashish is one of the few doctors that actually specializes in getting rid of gynecomastia. I had my surgery 3 weeks ago and can say I have never felt so much relief... Even w/ some swelling, my chest looks 100% better. Thanks to Dr. Ashish and his staff!

Author & Review

Dr. Ashish Khare, a board-certified plastic and cosmetic surgeon, brings over 10 years of expertise to Kalosa Hair Transplant & Cosmetic Clinic in Gurgaon. Established for more than 15 years, the clinic has become a trusted destination for patients seeking high-quality, affordable cosmetic procedures.


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